About Me

Welcome to my Web site!

Well I am bored so I have decided to build my own web site.

I’m Doug Turner and I am from the Isle of Wight. Born 7th January 1964, exactly two weeks late, in Winchester. So not really from the Isle of Wight. I moved there in February 1971. I was the youngest child of Doreen Turner and was brought up by her and my father, Ray Turner, who sadly died on the 18th July 2002. I have five brothers and sister, Michael (15/02/57), Jeanette (17/11/58), Debbie (06/04/59), Karen (17/06/61) and Duncan (15/08/63).

I am married to Rachel and we have two beautiful daughters, Amber & Leah. I also have a pair of wonderful twins, Lucia & Chlöe.

We live happily in the Worsley part of Manchester. Close to Rachel and Leah’s birth place. Rachel being a northern lass and all that.

Rachel was born on the 14th February 1971, on valentines day and the day before/after decimalisation, I never can remember. Only daughter of Nick and Barbara Carr, only niece of Sandra Steele. Big thought goes out to Nick, who lost the battle against cancer, July 2009.

Rachel and I met during the takeover of her company, Sunset Holidays. It was not long before we got together, soon after I left my previous relationship in April 1996. Rachel was working in Tenerife and with the large workload I had in the Canaries, it was not long before I spent a lot of time there and a bond grew between us. In June 1997 we decided to get engaged and arrange the wedding date as 10th July 1999. We were married in Monton Unitarian Church, the exact same church that Nick and Barbara were wed in. In the meantime, Rachel fell pregnant and our family started. Amber Leigh was born a little early on the 27th March 1998, in Playa de las Americas in Tenerife. It is amazing how scary it is giving birth in a foreign country. Drugs, forget it. The nearest place for drugs to be administered that night was not at Hospiten, but the Veronicas. After being made redundant by the Thomas Cook in September 1998, we ventured to Worsley and it was not long before Rachel fell pregnant again. Leah Jade was born on the 30th May 2001, in Hope Hospital, the very same hospital as Rachel, some thirty years earlier.

Chlöe and Lucia were born in Chichester, on the 5th February 1994, the same day as Chelsea lost to Everton 4-2 at Goodison Park.

I spend all my time working when I should be spending more time with my family. Imminent redundancy should resolve this.

Well since starting this site, a lot has changed. Rachel, Amber, Leah and I have moved to Gran Canaria in June 2005, loving it. The only problem is that they are still in holiday mode. School is really good for the girls, making new friends and learning a language