Amber’s Page

Hi, It’s Amber and I’m nearly 12 and at high school now. I’m at Bolton School and I am getting used to all the new lessons and getting there on time, well most of the time. I get to school quite later because i get the coach to school. The girls division has three floors, so it’s chaos getting from tech( on the bottom floor) and them attempting to get to science on time( on the top floor) pushing past all the other students. here’s a link to the bolton school website :

At bolton School I play lacrosse below is a picture of the stick I am getting this week (it’s the pink one of course!). I played my first match against Moreton Hall. Unfortunately we lost 11-2 but we scored the first point.


Here is a picture of me and my best friend Megan at the year 6 bowling party. We had loads of fun. I miss all my friends from James Brindley. I edited this photo on facebook.