Leah’s Beauty Tips


Homework 28/02/2010

Applying make up

It takes me about an hour to do my make up and this is why…


1. You always do your foundation first to give you a glossy look, you should only use a drip for each section (nose, forehead, both cheeks and your chin)


2. Once your foundation is dry, its time to do your blusher. Get the redest blusher and suck in your cheeks. Brush from just below your nose to your cheek bone


3. Your eyes are the highlight of your face. You must try to avoid black. The only black that should be on your face is the eye liner.

The first thing to do is the eye liner, black is the original colour. When you do your eye liner you need to do it corner to corner.

4. Eye shadow is somthing that every wears. When you put your eye shadow on make sure that you use the right colour.Tthe best colours are a cream that goes below the brow and brown on the eye lid. Use grey with a tiny blusher brush, that you brush gently over the brown.

5. Eye gel is the highlight of your eyes. The best colour is silver. You carefully drag your eye floater side to side till you get to the top of your eyelid.


6. Mascara is easy to apply. You look up whilst brushing the mascara along your lashes untill reaching the end.


7. Doing lips is more difficult than you think. When you do your lips always put gloss on first then put a small dab of strong lip stick and rub it in with your finger.