It’s Official, SVM 120H has been born after being

found in a barn after 18 years,

1970 Eibar Lambretta Li150


As she was, bought off eBay in Spain and shipped to the UK from Valencia, had the rubbish ripped off I and then off to Martin’s to get her going and through an MOT. She went in June and on the 7th September….she passed the MoT.

electronic ignition, speedo cable, rear shock (borrowed for MoT), carb (borrowed for MoT), petrol tank out of my “S” Type, stainless head and fan cowl, complete headlamp and rear light/lens, from Italy

After taking it down the Dutton Arms for teh first time, we that lovely smell of two stroke and rotten carb fumes, we realsied that both tyres were rotton, so they had to be changed for a pair of Sava. They were rotten and like a death trap.

Changed the tyres, they were so rotten, making the bike a death trap.


A little bit of stripping and primer to stop any rot, then i got a pair of legshields from, along with the immaculate mudguard, it will start looking decent, secondly, knowing that I will get more for selling the existing ones, which Idid

16th October 2009 Thanx to a bit of help from Sean (and an angle grinder to take out some rusty bolts) and we are getting to the bear minimum. Martin thought the the struts may be damaged, but we found one nearly hanging off. It definiteley will not be in Morecambe for the 2009 Great North West Rally.


Well it has changed a lot. New running board support, 2 x stands from AF Rayspeed (which both went back), sorry guys, never try and fit an Indian stand to a Series III. Finally, thanx Ken Stannard from K&S Scooters Derby, got a second hand one, great price and from Alladin’s original cave. Gave the mudguard, runners and bridge piece with a white spray over too. Martin and I also fitted new trim all round, after a cross member was welded on. It is ready now a respray…but it will not happen for two years…..thought about drilling holes in it and fitting crash bars…but I will leave that sort of thing to the christmas tree fanatics like Steve Diggle….god bless him.


27th December, sat in teh offive and saw on eBay a pair of panel. Bought them, then sold my original ones for just £30 less. Have you noticed, panels come with embelishers too. Bike is running well, got a new shock absorber and a pair of tyres, thanx for my birthday present from the family.

Back to square 1, FEBRUARY 19th 2010, 16.30, OUTSIDE LEIGH ROAD POST OFFICE

Gutted, I was casually parked behind an Escort. My scooter, approx 4′ behind a car, the guy reversed, quite fast, moved the scooter back 3′, then it went over on it’s side and still continued reversing. Pushing the scooter back another 3′ along the floor. The bike was ready for a complete respray, but now there is a huge need for replacing the headset, stand, all the trim…..and the photos:


A big thank you goes out to Martin again. he has straightened the legshield, made the panel look respectable, straightened the stand, fitted a sheered bolt to the rear hub, fitted a 22mm carb and AF Clubman. Sounds like a tank now. Not too much improvement on the performance, so off to AF for a stage 4 a 175 tune up.

First, it is off to the “Run to the River”, Glevum Stax and GAS do in August. Sebring rear rack and snetterton fitted, spare wheel just been painted by Michail and we are off. 150 miles on a standard 150 that had not done more than 3 miles in one go since we rescued it from the barn. Little tiny heat seize, keeping up with Mugello 186, TS1 and GTS. Thanx to the Maidenhead Phoenix SC for waiting.


The snetterton seat did not last lomg……back to the standard. Huge thanx to Ben and Scott and Rayspeed for creating a typical 70’s Arthur Francis “S” Type, 175 stage 4. It’s now being run in, great kit. alloy barrel, 42mm Clunman….but Ben asked to keep the Jetex rather than fitting the dell’Orto, reason being better fuel flow and easy setting up. Mentioned to Ben we may need to change a cable or two. He had to change all the cables, he said they had been there for 40 years. It is nearly run in and going well

Well it’s back to Blackpool for the first Rally of the season. Most Salford Knights go up at lunch, Keith went with all his mates (on his own) at 15.00, then Stoney, Brian and me to follow. The “A” roads are great, except when you hit Preston and all the signs are missing. It took 3 hours to get there and 45 minutes to get back by myself.

Picture 033

It has now done it’s time. Saturday morning on returning, I dismanteled headset, horn cast, mudguard and panels, stripped them and shipped them for painting. The frame has been completely stripped of bits and they will be painted too. The only thing not painted is the legshields, still like teh authentic look.