My Family

My Family

Well, I have led an interesting life. I have a wonderful wife and four lovely daughters which you can see on the photos page photo.htm .

Lucia and Chlöe were the first born on 5th February 1994. On a snowy night, in the Roman City of Chichester on the South Coast. Two girls who grew up with wispy blonde hair until they reach nearly four. From the age of 2 and half, they spent prolonged stays with Rachel and I starting their first school days in Tenerife, where we worked. One smitten with Barbie and the other with Spiderman. How gentile two loveable children could be….but it was not long before they grew up. Now they are both 12, football mad playing and training with the Crawley Wasps girls football team. Actually, since writing this, Chlöe is into horse riding. See her page for an update. They have even trained with Chelsea FC on three separate occasions. They were both invited to a trial by Chelsea. I am such a proud parent for this. Chlöe was unfortunate to not get through. Lucia was asked back to the finals. Unfortunately for Lucia, she has been invited to their academy, but not signed professional papers yet. They have now gone two ways. Lucia with football and Chlöe with horses.

At present they live in Pound Hill, West Sussex with their young brother Max, getting through the Au-pairs like they are going out of fashion. Chlöe is into horse and Lucia football, never mind the Game Boys and Nintendo DS.

Then there was three and along came Amber on 27th March 1998. Conceived and born in Tenerife, she is our own little “chincharera”, the name give to a native person from Tenerife. My little blonde “Chin-cha”. Adored by all, tranquil as can be and a perfect child. In one year we took her to three weddings with no problems or hassles at all. Firstly you may think this should be normal. When you imagine she was between 4 – 16 months and the weddings were in Holland, Manchester and Salamanca, not only that we were living in Tenerife at the time. Amber, alike every little girl loved Barbies and played endlessly with Chlöe’s. Then she discovered animals. Although in Tenerife we had our kitten, Barney unfortunately, after moving back to the UK, he passed away after a year. Amber grew fonder and fonder of animals, taking mostly to cats and dogs. She actually can’t sleep at night with at least 6 “fur-real” animals beside her.

Well, who would of believed that we could leave out the last member. Well nearly the last, except “Caña”, our new pet Gold Retriever. Leah was, like her mum, born in Hope Hospital in Salford. The 30th May, an angelic baby, full of laughs. She has grown, kicking (literally) nearly 5 years old and back in the UK. Very strong willed, very funny and dead “cuddly”.

Check out news on “Caña” on Amber’s page, it will have all the news there.

The only up and coming extras to the family are that my mother is a great-grand mother for the 4th time (known, then there is all Duncan’s off spring that he has been germinating around the world).

Well what is new, only the children’s new pet, when it arrives. A golden cocker Spaniel I hear. Terry reckons it’s a bit “poofy”, but when he was still riding horses at 18 and the only lad at a girl’s school, he should keep his thoughts to himself.