My Favourites

Fiat Coupe
Well, coming up to five years old, still my favourite toy, although Chloe and Lucia are getting too big for it…….Time has gone on. The car is now 6 years and 4 months old, Spanish registered and great, as always.

Spanish Harbour Holidays
Favourite part of my job…if the company would only let me buy it!! Well, it has been and gone. Twice in my life with Jaime we tried to buy this company and twice we were refused. Now it does not exist and the company directs all clients to Simply. Not quite the same.

Chelsea Football Club
What a great start to the season, 4 wins and two draws, only conceding one goal…in the first 12 seconds and we took the centre!. What can I say, we won the league at last. I took Rachel to the Bolton game where we eventually won. Phenomenal, in the words of the great Toni Gelabert. Just lost to Middlesbrough…what on earth is happening.

Lambretta Club de España
Famously bored with Mikey in Málaga, late night drinkies done, Chinese (food that is) in the day for a change and off to buy some goodies in Málaga, so what else but buy a “tool box door”. Watch the photo gallery page for a view of my Lambretta, cleverly disguised as an “Italian” and not a “bastardised” Serveta! Just joined the club, maybe it is time to get a Lambretta over here, depends on how long we stay.