I’ve always been interested in scooters and have had a scooter (Italian only) since I was 15. Those of you who know me realise that during the late 70’s and 80’s they were my down fall….that reason alone that I had slight brushes (pick axe handles, tent poles, etc.,) with the law. I would like to thank Paul Smith (not the designer) at this stage for keeping me on the straight and narrow. Shane Howarth, hanging around with the best looking guy in the IoW Jaguars Scooter Club always meant I had a chance of one of his “cast-offs”. Then that all stopped when he married Sue. Silver wedding been and gone….great night as a best man…the proper way, the night before the wedding. I still have a Lambretta. Spent all my 40th birthday money on it .Hitting 40 and all that. Watch this space for further photos. I have just joined the “Lambretta Club de España, nice bloke Felix sorted me out, now that the Lambretta is up and running.

Lambretta Club Great Britain

Lambretta Club de España

There were stages in my life when I had loads of scooters. The last one I bought was a new Vespa PX200E, kitted to a 210, by the boys at SIP in Germany. Had it for a few years in Tenerife and then shipped it back to the UK. After 2 years of commuting from Maidenhead to Hammersmith every day (56miles return), sold it.

At present I have a mixture. It is a Jet 200 frame mixed with a 1973 SX150 registration. Filled in all the holes and my mate Geoff from Zoot Scoot and fitted Italian runners in stead of Spanish mats on the running boards. Next was the 22mm Carburettor and the 42mm big bore exhaust. To follow was a 175cc Stage 4 kit and we are off.

In the 18 years old and on the Isle of Wight, there was only one place to go, Brook House.

There was my second scooter rally, May 1980. Rowley and I went down in the Ford Anglia, with Danny Pointing of all people. Here we are astride a couple of Lambrettas, not ours…..That’s me, the good looking one on the left. Funny weekend, we really enjoyed it. My only rally ever not an a scooter. It was 1982 when Marty and me made them all.


We were getting stopped by the police every day. Once 5 times in two weeks I had to show my documents. In the end my mother complained to the Chief Constable on the Island. How big did I feel? March 1982, another occasion, denied speeding, when to court twice and then they dropped it after my persistence.


Funny place the Isle of Wight, there were only 23 cars, 872 tractors in 1982, but I still managed to get done for speeding. Two-up…£30 in those days was 50% of my salary or 10% of a 2 year old scooter.

LastScan Where do you start with these things, May 1979, Paul Smith and Matthew Gogarety on our way to Brighton. A Vespa 90, registered as a 50cc. We were young and free spirited. Slept on the beach, it just spiralled from there.

How many scooter clubs have I been part of:

1.Isle of Wight Jaguars, 1979 a joining of all scooterists from around the island

I am not in the photo as I took it. It looks like Pan Estate in Newport.

2. Wight Riders, after a meeting in Sue Round’s mum’s house we came up with this name. Nearly went for 11-22’s, very “mod-ish”, so named as the Isle of Wight is a mere 11 miles by 22 miles.

It really took off then with Shane and I visiting all the Rally’s in 82….Marty making the snowy trip Morecambe that year…a P180 and his new P200, one of the ever lasting memories was our relationship with the Glevum Stax, big shout out to Mark (& Helen/Lois), Grant, Nige, Glen and Russ, especially as my claim to fame was buying his Birds of Prey P200 off him, to help him finance “Exile” chopper, the rest is history.

Always remember the No. 1’s meeting in Bingly Hall Stafford, traveling via Gloucester, staying with Mark and Helen from the Glevum Stax and via “Custom Fastners” so Russ can buy loads of bits for “Exile”…you never seen so many scooterists in a Chopper Shop. 30 year anniversary coming up, check out their web site, Glevum Stax

3. Old Bastards Scooter Club

4. Lambretta Club Great Britain

5. Vulcan Scooter Club (circa 1991) in Worthing

6. Lambretta Club de España

7. Salford Knights SC

It took me about 7 years to get affiliated to a Club in manchester and believe I chose the right one. salford Knights, loads of History…but full of “Reds”. Thanx to Brian for keeping me sane and listening to all the drival about Moscow and Man Urinal being the best. Been made really welcome…big shout to Martin, Brian, Brian, Paul, Keith, Aggy, Auusie and everyone…especially my fello Southerner Shaun Freeman and new buggy, as he does a cracking BBQ, Steve Diggle…can’t wait for teh next Salford Knights Weekender, August 2010.

UK Scooter Clubs

And here starts the next stage…the Arthur Francis “S” Type. Called Ben at Rayspeed and he was excellent. So booked it in…15th July. 5 month wait, how busy are they?. What do you go for, looks…or are you fat?, will you be doing long distances?…do you take pillions?. The best for me was the Classic “S” Type. So first off to the Isle of Man Scooter Rally and the week after, straight to Scarborough. Thanx “Bullet” for the trailer.

Before Shots

AF_S_Type  S_type

After Shots

The Isle of Man Ferry and Liverpool docks
IOM  Liverpool_1

Well, without s doubt a lot more has happened recently. the last run of 2008 saw the Salford Knights go to Morecambe, November 2008. Unfortunately, some of us only went for the day, but even still had a great time. Some of these photos were taken by Giles at Scooterworld in France, which just happened to be our scooters.

Morecambe_en_route  Salford_Knights_in_Morecambe

The Salford Knights SC en route on teh M6 Services, with a trio of Lambrettas, taken from Giles outside the best “greasy spoon in Morecambe” . The last photo of Brian’s union jack Lambretta, prior to the Man City respray.

Thanx to Gaz at M and M body shop for taking all my hard earned 45th birthday money and making the final touches to achieve a perfect 80’s AF Exta “S” Type. More and more wanting to get into the classic model from the 80’s check out this website Team S Equipe


Next Rally is this weekend, Martin Mere in Blackpool…watch out for update.