Work as we know it!

Work as we know it!

Work (v,n) …a means to an end. Or, as for me…why the f**k don’t you spend more time with your family?

Well, kicked out of school. To be precise I was asked to leave. That bloody Jon Lord got me in a lot of trouble. My first real work was at a Builders Merchants. Thanx father, I had a great time. Sorry to see old man John Rand never made it, great guy, loved his humour. Many thanx to Jim, Vic, Ian and everyone else there. This was my first term at the University of Life. Perry’s Builders Merchant, to Redlake in Romford, back to the island and it was soon to be Worsley Builder Center….how spooky was that considering where I live now? Thanx to KC for his trust in me and Bob Scholes for taking me to Romford. However it didn’t work, back to the island, promotion beckoned. Worthing bound. Not on my own, I had lovely relatives there. I am great with families, but what Dave and Bernie did for me when I was 20, thank you, it was never gorgotten

Thanx also to John Connolly for his trust. John was very understanding, probably only about 15 years older than me. Great tutor as well. Sorry I lost my licence.

Club 18-30 here I come. Well what an eye-opener. There are too may stories to tell. Those of you that stayed in touch, thank you. Martin Lowe, Andy Calendar ,Terry Johnson, Jon Lord, my mother and not forgetting my father.

Just diversifying slightly, I will never forget in 1990. My father turned up with Neil Gibbs in Gran Canaria. How sporty you both looked. Coming for a week, tennis rackets in hand. You were carrying my rackets, your sports holdall which had a “rake” of bacon in it (that mother packed), a change of pants and a spare T shirt. I will never forget Neil’s face when I took him on my own special jeep safari, a Chinese meal for 10 (just between the four of us) at Casa Toni Chu’s and the captain’s face when I lost a 100lb Tuna when we went fishing. My father, sadly missed, always remembered.

Club ended in the aftermath of the first Gulf War, March the 7th 2001. I will fill the in between bits later:

March 91 – October 1998 was The Club, Club 18-30, Sunset Holidays, Priority, Flying Colours Holidays and then selling it to Thomas Cook.

Have you ever heard of Dave Smithson. Quite an elusive character, can’t say too much as he will kill me. Only guy I know, when he get’s offered a cup final ticket, turns it down to drink with his mates. he used to go ski-ing…with me…watch this space for some great photos….but in the meantime…google him.

Work had to go on, so it was the Travel Trade Gazette and an advert for Magic of Spain and Portugal. Many thanx Richard Nealon for my start, with one week left I have really enjoyed my time with Magic, Crystal, Specialist Sun and then TUI NE Contracting. The fun bit has been understanding how the Nordics work. Many thanx to Heidi Kanold for her help, understanding and humour.

Well it has all gone “belly-up”. All the hard work that Jaime and I put into Magic Travel, it will become no-more for Spain and Portugal as from the 1st November 2005. January 2005, more redundancies, more restructures and I took the option of TUI NE. David lived off his ill-gotten insurances, well until September 2005. Then he got a real job working for FHR and his friend George. Jaime went back to Miki Travel (good luck with the move with Michael), Kevin told Nicola Rees what he thought and went to work with Antonio Armijo, Julie went back to her old boss, Annette must be retiring soon, Joan…well she retired 15 years ago, Eva is swimming with whale sharks, Andrea is causing havoc in the Italian Alps and Mikey and I took the option of TUI NE. Kevin has left Antonio Armijo and joined Julie at villas to go Annette has retired, at last and Jaime is moving, somewhere posh I hear or is it Putney?. Julie and Kevin work with my old colleague from Something Special, Kathleen O’Brien. Just got the “goss” on Eva, she is off to Barcelona.

Well after getting back from FITUR, you guessed it another restructure. Well I managed to keep my job during the restructure, as well as all Garry’s Team except Debbie Ricketts. The restructure left an opening, General Manager of Operations and Contracting in Rest of Europe. I did fancy this, based in Luton, but unfortunately the job went to an Ex-Area Manager, the lovely Celeste. Great girl, I wish her all the best.

Had so good times at TUI NE, working alongside some nice people. I will give a full run down later of all their good and bad points but quick thanx goes to:

Jill for when I arrived for all her help and constantly talking. Dan for taking all the stick about football (good luck with the wedding mate), Els, Coro and Yoli for their friendship and help, Keith and Joe, not forgetting Mikey when I want to moan!

What else is left to say…..except I now have a new job working for BCT Travel Group. They have the three main brands of Bridge, Cresta and Tradewinds and are part of the MyTravel UK Group. Product and Supply Director, working with a team, based in Altrincham. I am really looking forward to this great opportunity. I start on the 5th June, 20 minutes from our home. Office based, less travel, but most importantly I am looking forward to specialist operating again.

Thoroughly pleased to say the least, going back to be in the UK, taking the children out of Canterbury School and back in James Brindley. We are still waiting confirmation on Leah, but Rachel is doing home studies with her. Big thank you to Canterbury School, they were excellent and the kids really enjoyed it.